RealistNarrow is the ideal typeface for longer texts or whenever you want to use your layout space more economically (RealistNarrow is about 88% of the width of Realist). It’s flexible in weight and style, giving you in all 16 Fonts to choose from.

Like all Realist typefaces it comes with typographic alternates, various figure sets, sets of arrows, and ornaments.

overview.png overview2.png

Available as

  • Desktop Fonts (otf)
  • Web Fonts (woff, ttf, eot)
  • App Fonts (otf)



Figure Sets

  • Lining (standard)
  • Old-style
  • Old-style tabular
  • Tabular lining
  • Superscript (superior) and Subscript (inferior)
  • Nominator and Denominator
  • Fractions (standard and arbitrary)